Decisiveness in the Dominant Man

Dominant Man

Decisiveness in men creates relief in the feminine.

When he is decisive about what he wants and where he is going, particularly in regards to her and his choosing of her, she can relax into trusting him in his confidence and self-assuredness.

There is immense power in masculine decisiveness.

His directed, dark edge arises from this place and elevates a man to a status of high quality… regardless of who he is and what he does, this is one of the six essential masculine polarities that create an exceptional man.

Decisiveness is the energy that drives a man to success in the world, to become an exceptional lover attuned to her body, his every touch filled with assured, relaxed presence, and the kind of partner that provides the space for a woman to flourish in the fullness of her radiance.

Indecision in men, however, is agony to the feminine.

Because it means she has to step in and take control to create the conditions for herself to feel safe… Which means her body will tighten and close to him, even if she otherwise likes and wants him.

When most women are with a man, they ache to let go to him.

To relinquish control, to let go of needing to anticipate the future and to relax into deep non-linear time, kairos, in sensual surrender to this moment.

A man provides that possibility with his decisiveness.

Decisiveness is when a man steps into his rightful position as “master of space and time”… chronos, linear time, his domain… where things are certain, predictable and heading in a known direction.

The dance between these two polarities… decisiveness and surrender… provide an exquisite experience for both beings as they engage this co-creative interplay.

This is a generative dynamic, creating more… more trust, more love, more bliss, more arousal.

Decisiveness… a much better word than certainty… representing the beneficial quality of energy and attention, without the shadowy undertone.

Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter. Indeed

Gord Downie

Lot’s of tributes over the past 36 hours following news of Gord Downie’s death. When I think of the Hip, I think of University. At the time The Hip was one of many Canadian college bands bursting on the scene. The Pursuit of Happiness, 54-40, The Northern Pikes were all on pretty much a level footing.

But as we know and are well documented, The Hip captured who we were, as Canadians, as young people.

Small Town Bringdown is for anyone in university at the end of 1980’s you dancing in some beer soaked tavern in small town Canada. 30 years later I impart on my daughter to seek out the history of this band and I hope there are many new bands that will resonate with her like The Hip did for us.

Small Down Bringdown – 1987


Life is good. 🙂

Dwight and Laura
Mont Tremblant

Paranoid Android – Weezer

Chris Cornell – Redemption Song

Chris Cornell. July 20, 1964 – May 18, 2017


While driving around chasing today…