Embracing your inner Winston Churchill

Fuck Neville Chamberlain. He clearly misread the situation.


The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

Just watched the Dark Knight Rises. A story about a man broken, imprisoned physically and mentally, a man who burns himself up in a hellfire he created and KNEW he would perish in but proceeded anyways. All to get what he wanted, and needed.

Alas, as the story goes the prophecy came true, with the resultant destruction of the legend, the myth ‘The Batman.’ Only however, The Dark Knight emerges resurrected  as a new man, free in ways he couldn’t understand before.

Sounds like a fucking plan Mr. Wayne, Sounds like a good fucking plan.

By Precious Easter Bunny

Circa 2001.

Little Sienna.

Ex Lover to Ex Lover

The intersections of ‘the fairer sex’ in ones day can sometimes be a complex, intricate and uniquely woven tapestry that leaves the thinking man thinking.

Dwight Brown
March 29, 2013.




Heaven Beside You

Why Am I listening to Alice in Chains at 11:24 PM when I have two meetings before 10AM?

Don’t try to understand. Sadly none of it made any sense..

Tame Impala Regan

Revelation going to talk to a prominent magazine today. Geo you are right. Ironic as I heard this great song driving back and thinking how far forward I am walking these days. And to boot I just had a ‘Willy Conway’ like interaction.  Heh.



The Stone Roses


The Stone Roses



U2 War


When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough.

Donald Trump..