Last Day of Our Aquaintance… REDUX

Heard this on the radio yesterday… for some, history repeats itself again and again.

Bonne chance tout les autres. Et bonne chance mon vieux ami..

Nice Picture

What a fab picture. Very peaceful.

Summer Wallpaper


Happiness… Synthesized!!

Dan Gilbert states it is a matter of choice.  He’s right.


Lovely Song, Great Video

U2 Original Of The Species


Deception in Dallas

At some point it was all figured it all out… All of it.

As X tells Garrison… things were never the same after that. Were they? So many lies, so many patsies… what a conspiracy.


GG… :-)




Coo Coo Clocks and Canada Day

Coo Coo Clocks

Coo Coo Clocks and Canada Day go hand in hand… 🙂.