… Now the BlackBerry Vigil

Blackberry z10

The news was not good for the Waterloo tech company yesterday.  What I had seen for a few years but in particular the past year once I could refocus on the business at hand is that this company was sailing into oblivion.  Like a relationship clearly on it’s last legs, BlackBerry valiantly put up a fight to survive in the jungle of smartphones.  But in reality it was way too late.

I have dissected their demise on many different levels, so there is no point rehashing it again.  It was a good ride and if this is the end it will follow Palm, Motorola, Nokia, into the grave, some of who revitalized themselves.

The quick and the dead in this business.  That’s all there is. If BlackBerry isn’t to survive then opportunities abound.

The ABC’s

See if you follow this mind bender:

  • If ‘The C’ had a Plan B, but Plan A didn’t know about ‘The C’s Plan B,
  • Plan B  shoots for ‘The C’, but doesn’t realize ‘The C’ always has a Plan B,
  • Plan A drops ‘The C’, who hastily upgrades Plan B to replace Plan A.


  • Does the old Plan B (who is now Plan A) wonder if there is a NEW Plan B?
  • Here’s a hint:  For ‘The C’ (or any ol’ C for that matter) there is ALWAYS a Plan B!
  • The new Plan A will invariably figure this out.


Great Clip on Lies and Deception

Perhaps the most powerful scene I have ever seen in a movie. Resonates to my core.

‘I can understand you are upset’

‘Kittredge…. you’ve never seen me very upset’

Well in the words of Louis XV, I think Ethan Hunt can definitely say with 100% assuredness and accuracy based on the realization he has been set up and needs to get out of the restaurant: “Après moi, le déluge


Paranoid Android – Radiohead

Song gets better with each play. Incroyable.