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1) Yeah it is a nice song. Thanks

2) Blog posts not for anyone but me.

But feel free to stop by to analyze.

3) Congratulations on new job. ¬†ūüôā

4) (Living like¬†I said… completely red ‘solo’ cup here!)

5) Actually took this photo yesterday. Ironically with Cuban cigar. IMG_20140423_074158

Discernment by Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall is one of the best thought leaders of the 21st century. Bar none.


Zooropa: The Iconic Studio Album by U2

What the FACK is Going on with U2?

With the song Invisible tanking… U2 has delayed the release of their upcoming album. According to reports Larry Mullen thinks it is shit. ¬†Well it’s probably not shit, but just more¬†of the same.

I felt frustrated listening to the song. ¬†It could have come off any of the last 2-3 albums. ¬†My thoughts to Paul and the boys? ¬†Get your collective asses back to Germany, produce an edgy ‘Euro vibe’ compilation like Zooropa and Achtung Baby!


Dream out loud.

Google Earth IS watching us!

Seems the good people at Google took a satellite view of Clarke Fields Park just as we were having the three pavilions built for Oktoberfest Ottawa 2013. As Darrell says, we are so big time now even NASA has us covered! LOL!!