Heaven and Hell…. Euro Style.

Fighting Cancer

Battle Stuart. Hard.

You know it in your 30’s but you REALLY GET IT your 40’s… your life is your children. A 7 year fight ¬†Stuart Scott must continue.

Viva Italia?

I’m waiting to see the video of a soccer player being ‘fouled’ and he rolls, tumbles and flop his way half way down the pitch only to be stopped by
the net!

Cameron Diaz – Julianna Gianni

Who is THAT Girl? ūüėČ

Tokyo Summer

Who are these guys? Who is THIS guy?

Pulp Fiction

Someone mentioned this classic today… wow 20 years. Top 5 movies of all time.

You won’t know the facts…. till you see the fiction.

(Life imitating art, or art imitating life?)

1,000 Years in 3 Minutes


Watch this video of the changing borders of Europe over the past 1,000 years.

Borders formations (brought on overwhelmingly by conflict) is an ever changing and ongoing fluid reality of the human experience. It is not an anomaly as we would like to think (see Crimea) but a part of our history, present and will be our future.

Fascinating view… invest the 3 minutes.