Bambi – Tokyo Police Club

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The Gronk

Dude is hilarious

Boston, MA – 2/7/2017 – New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski holds up beers during the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl Parade in Boston, MA, February 7, 2017. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

Frankie Says What???

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Bruno and Beer

Heard last night out and about,  totally brought me back to that ACC concert this summer 🙂

The Joker Exposed

GG: you BBM’d me for a post of wit and wisdom… here goes:

Whether it be pub owners or patrons, cops, judges, lawyers, various and sundry government social agencies, family, friends, spouses, ex-spouses, lovers, ex-lovers or colleagues at work (Christ Almighty what an exhaustive AND exhausting list!!)  everyone eventually figures out The Female Narcissist.

Disclaimer: “The Animoto video depicted in this YouTube clip is fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental and is not intended to offend  any entity by the video creator or publisher.”