Taraji P. Hensen

Taraji P. Hensen

“I Surround myself with good energy, cause energy is transferable. If you hang out with someone with a dark cloud, the rain is gonna get you eventually. So you go over there somewhere with your little dark cloud, cause I like the sun.” – Taraji P. Hensen

Ken Ross

Much has been said about Ken, the gut wrenching loss all of us feel with his passing. It hasn’t been easy on any of us… but Lisa takes the time to talk about Ken.

There are good men, but few great ones. Ken Ross was a great man.



I watched with great interest the movie NUTS the other day… what an interesting movie. Never saw it when it came out in 1987.  Nor needed to. Barbra Streisand is very talented and convincing.

Sadly… Nuts is Nuts. 🙁


Vorsprung durch Technik


This song is always on when I hop in the car, on TV or anyplace I go, like it is following me. In any light, a very good song, haven’t heard a song they sing I didn’t find top notch.




Actions and Intent

Action and Intent

In life always keep an eye out on the gap between who spends all manner of resources on who,  who cared for who juxtaposed against who has a blood lust trying to destroy who.

Run that mental exercise with people who come into your life.  Notice the gap, the chasm. When one looks back and realizes the imbalance of invested time, money, care and energy spent it truly can be an eye opener.

Now, look to the present – see those that invested nothing now investing all their energy trying to hurt, damage destroy lives in a prolonged, calculated execution.

If someone never lifted a finger to help you, or worse works harder to harm you, that ever helped you,  it kinda tells you a whole bunch about who they really are.

Choices. Not emotions or breakdowns in a thunderstorm of confusion and angst. Rational, thoughtful considerate loving choices for the betterment of others.

Choices.  I see them everyday.

Words mean nothing. Sincerity is in actions, so prove otherwise.