The Brownout.  Flashback. Incredibly scary… that complete and utter sense of exhaustion, confusion, pain, angst.  It is interesting as someone spoke to our Rotary club describing what happened to him. It was surreal to hear someone describe it.

Figuring things out over the years one can find solace in that they are not alone. It happens when a mind cannot handle the stress of a situation any longer.

Hearing TLK’s story of a friend today and the ongoing battles in that marriage took me and shook me back to those years past… witnessing it from the first row seat (expensive seats as it invariably turns out) and just being so very thankful that this was not my situation.

Decent people don’t do that to someone they purport to love do they.. do they?

Figuring it all out- why life went on – it was the solid foundation of relationships with so many people, my whole network,  that endured through the storm. When life is not about strife and battles and is about helping people (giving not taking); people notice it around you. You are not left standing alone.

You will ALWAYS lose when you build your life centered on drama and strife, around fighting others all the time, when your life is one battle after another…. followed soon by another – life’s pattern. 

You can’t hold a man down without staying down with him.

Booker T. Washington

Those massive life lessons are missed by some. I have to conclude that sadly they lack the ability see life as most see it, inconceivable to see peace as central to a good life.

American Myso

Heh. Love it.

The Manuscript.  The screenplay. The years 2008-2015… it deserves its own place in pop culture.  Tremblant in the fall… for a few weeks.

Pure Brilliance

GG: Here it is. Pure musical brilliance!
And remember: Kids first. Always. 🙂 Keep yo head up!