Falling Footwear

Did she know the first guy? Or what he just a passer by?


Did she know the first guy, and when that didn’t pan out and opportunity struck… the shoe came off (again)

Riddle me this Batman: Is this wilting flower a jilted lover, or someone just prone to a lifetime of crying for help?

Is she simply looking for someone to save her? (from what is unclear, but probably herself) And if so, will any ol’ guy do?

Watch the video… comments welcome!

Trap Door

Great song, reminds of a tune played during that penultimate scene from an 80’s teen angst movie where the main character is undergoing some life changing cathartic change in her/his situation.

Anyways… listen to the tune.

A Morning Funny… and a wee bit of levity.

Beyond funny!

Enjoy the day.

Always have time to listen to Noel Gallagher

On the John Ross show