Well I heard about this from people in Toronto,
seems to be spreading somewhat.

Is their a shift afoot?


What Path Will YOU Take?

War and Peace

Came across a situation the other day… here are my thoughts.

The choice is always up to the individual in their life. Each path has a cost.  It really will depend on what YOU want most. But if you haven’t thought it through completely… you can’t have both. One does negates the other. On all matters.

Let me say this:  The path of war will cost an individual in ways one can never imagine, and some ways you can.

Just life.  Universal laws no one can out run.

Remember: Interpersonal relationships are tenuous with everyone but our children.  Compound that with dragging the past into the present and burning up the goodwill of the current situation. Learn your lesson.

No one is guaranteed in your life. It can all vaporize once someone has mentally or emotionally exhausted themselves and have nothing left to deal with your drama.

So choose carefully in life.  For me I choose peace. It will save your present.  But life teaches one that they do need arm myself to wage a blistering savage war if cornered.


Peace and love IS always the path!! I will choose it forever! Yes forever.  Nothing can change that or ever will.

Thank You

You know, when I moved a couple years back, the one person who was there for me to help me was not who you would think… no it was my brother.

He is/was there when you absolutely needed him. Fooling myself that those you trusted would be was incredible folly on my part.

So again, I say thank you. On so many levels. Peace IS the path as we all must learn. Eventually.

Enlightenment has it’s costs for sure, but it is much, much better than an ongoing delusion.

Great Songs

For followers old (and new) of my blog, here is a good one from The Strokes.

A Greedy Dog

Moral of the story? Don’t be a greedy bitch or bastard! Be satisfied with what you have or are getting. (or are about to get)

Stuck in a Moment

This was the most downloaded song when iTunes first went live back in the early 2000’s.

Irony of this song is obvious, but the layers of who sings it and who it was sung about (fave band was INXS)

Last stanza is meaningful for everyone at some point in life:

And if the night runs over
And if the day won’t last
And if our way should falter
Along the stony pass
It’s just a moment, this time will pass

Rainy day today… I think I will watch the rain.

Thanks to Alan Cross for being our global rock historian!

Honeymoon Is Over Downs

Congratulations American Pharoah on winning the Triple Crown! A Fun Horse Race Recap

But there is a race re-posted from last year I guarantee you he cannot win! Watch.

Disclaimer: Posted for humour and levity, entertainment purposes only. Live: Love. Laugh! 


Of Monsters and Men


Either one my bretheren and sisteren from the homeland shine!

Cool Moss

Dear Internet:

It’s funny this was brought up in discussion yesterday, It is a good read.

Read it.

I remember reading about this decades ago when I was reading Anthony Robbins  books, listening to his tapes.  His new book is dynamite and I am sticking to the positives and positive thinkers.

But I encourage those who stumble upon my blog to just read this other blog post about ‘cool moss’  or cool thoughts, positive thoughts.

I regret  the realities of those who truly cannot seem to find that path…  to find that inner happiness.  It does break my heart.

Life.  One shot at it this…. it isn’t a dress rehearsal!!