The Path

I heard this song this week as I was going to get my girl and drive her to work. It sent constant chills coursing through my body.  It was the most a song has EVER affected me. It took this video view later to realize it was not only the words.

Music and reality… always intertwined in my life.

Vindication is a funny thing.  Anti-climatic but… still VERY good.  🙂

The Future of Money

A Fascinating Piece on 60 Minutes related to Mobile Money Revolution in Kenya. As a Rotarian and person on this planet, I felt inspired one wish that the spread of this benefits many more people.

November 18th

           Heart and Soul by Hoagy Carmichael

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Take Back Thursday

$100,000 Pyramid Theme Song

You remember the $100,000 Pyramid? The $100000 Pyramind was A CBS Television Production. What a dope theme song!