Life After Awakening


Fear, Ego and Love

Ego Fear and Love

I’ve discovered in these awakening moments that Fear and Ego are the obstacles to greater clarity and understanding of ourselves and the universe. It is so easy to spot the fearful and the egotistical amongst us now. How these thoughts perfectly flow into your consciousness is nothing short of amazing and divine.

A Healing Soul

Healing Health Soul

Twin Flames As Siblings?

Twin Flames As Siblings?

I try to articulate this in ways that make sense on a terrestrial level so someone could understand. I have said you are either my sibling or my wife, and in ‘doing the work’ and diving deep into this, I am not alone.

What is a Twin Flame?
Twin Flame

A Home for Your Soul

As I was walking today thinking of two wounded souls I care about who are in physical geographic transition, the clarity of consciousness dawned on me. While both seek new environments and houses to lay their head to escape their present pain, what they don’t realize is what they really need is a new home to rest, protect and preserve their soul.

A Home for Your Soul

The Weekend: The Journey of Spiritual Awakening

The most soul-awakening period of my life. On levels and dimensions I have not seen or experienced before. Consciousness Awakening is definitely full of though, emotions and the loss of ego. One’s Ego MUST be shed to raise your spiritual consciousness.

Here is an interesting read on Soul Mates and other spiritual bonds.