Moonlit Sky

Haven’t heard this song in years… but it is one of the prettiest songs. Caught it going to a meeting this week. God Bless XM Satellite!


I have written about peace before, but today… I write about it again.

Peace. A life of peace devoid of strife.  Sometimes you have it, you let it slip away and you have to to FIGHT to get it back.   But once you do, you will never let it slip away again.  It is a wonderful life lesson learned usually be living life and not following those who have gone before you.

Peace 2 – the road is and has been long, but it is just over the horizon.


I came across a Facebook photo today… and it immediately takes me back to a different time in my life. You remember that particular day, that particular situation. That particular smile. And you remember where you were, who you were with, and just seeing that picture makes you think…

The Laws of Vibration

A very impactful video. Worth a watch. And well timed.


Well for readers and stalkers of my postings (joking, levity!! 🙂 ) This website URL will be switching soon to be used for my online presence consulting practice.  All the content and future content posted to will be now at  Give me a couple weeks for the change.


The journey continues for us all, just on different paths. Peace. Love. Happiness.

Simon Sinek

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This is profound and expands on my thoughts that Apple isn’t a company, it is a religion. This helps explain why, and how every company / organization can create loyal, rabid fans to their ’cause’