The Weekend: The Journey of Spiritual Awakening

The most soul-awakening period of my life. On levels and dimensions I have not seen or experienced before. Consciousness Awakening is definitely full of though, emotions and the loss of ego. One’s Ego MUST be shed to raise your spiritual consciousness.

Here is an interesting read on Soul Mates and other spiritual bonds.

Avoidant Attachment Personality Disorder

Watching Aaron Doughty discuss how to release attachment. and the discussion of Avoidant Personality Disorder. The light bulb went on. Yes the traits are seen and now there is a better understanding.

Twin Flame Runner Awakening

In understanding my twin flame journey as a chaser I stumbled upon a website where the author has spoken to thousands of people in this situation of finding their twin flame. Here the author discusses the runner’s awakening.

Twin Flame Runner Awakening

The Wall, Moat, The Barbed Wire and the Draw Bridge.

Wall Moat Bridge Castle

I told you once it felt like it would take me to cross a moat, draw bridge crawl under barbed wire and scale a wall to get to you. What shocks me upon reflection how fast you were able to build all those barriers. You are good. #ExperienceMatters

Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter. Indeed

Gord Downie

Lot’s of tributes over the past 36 hours following news of Gord Downie’s death. When I think of the Hip, I think of University. At the time The Hip was one of many Canadian college bands bursting on the scene. The Pursuit of Happiness, 54-40, The Northern Pikes were all on pretty much a level footing.

But as we know and are well documented, The Hip captured who we were, as Canadians, as young people.

Small Town Bringdown is for anyone in university at the end of 1980’s you dancing in some beer soaked tavern in small town Canada. 30 years later I impart on my daughter to seek out the history of this band and I hope there are many new bands that will resonate with her like The Hip did for us.

Small Down Bringdown – 1987


Life is good. 🙂

Dwight and Laura
Mont Tremblant