The Ice Cream Sundae

The Ice Cream Sundae
The Ice Cream Sundae

The Ice cream sundae.  Nice.  Yummy.  What do most people notice and go for right away?  The cherry and whip cream on top.  Makes sense, it is after all on top, visible enticing accessible and oh so tasty! But what makes a really good sundae?  Is it only the cherry on top and the whipped cream? Or are there other elements people forget about when going after and consuming the sundae.

Well there ARE other elements:  The glass, the ice cream and the chocolate syrup. Is the glass sturdy, or dirty?  Is it cracked, chipped  clean and pristine, clear and in good shape?  What about the ice cream?  Is it fresh or hardened or even worse sour?  As for the chocolate well the chocolate, is it sweet, high quality melted chocolate or bitter run of the mill chocolate syrup poured all over the ice cream?

Too many people make the terrible mistake of judging an ice cream sundae by it’s initial look, and the cherry and whip cream on top.  It is a HUGE mistake.  Next time you have a sundae you can be wowed by its appearance, you can even lick the cherry and swoop your finger into the whipped cream just a little… but you had better check the glass, taste the ice cream and let the chocolate melt in your mouth and tap dance on your taste buds first before you decide if this parlour treat is worthy of being called a great ice cream sundae.

Far far to many of us overlook the real foundation of any sundae.  It is definitely not the cherry or the whipped cream.

One last thing… don’t go to one of those pseudo ice cream stores that are franchise based, run of the mill ice cream store… if you want a REAL ice cream sundae then drive out in the country a bit and find an old fashioned ice cream dairy bar where quality and substance comes before appearance and style!


An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth

Sometimes the truth is inconvenient.  Sometimes it leaves you exposed. As my last post posits… oftentimes it leaves you vulnerable.  Those things being said, the truth is the truth, and not expressing it is more problematic than telling the truth and all its consequences. The truth doesn’t have a ribbon or a bow on it, does not solve all or fix all. It is simply the truth.

But the one thing the truth is… it is liberating. It is honest. It’s a change from the walled up, lack of communication that plagues most human relationships. Even the one that is supposed to last a lifetime. It is dancing naked in the rain brought forth to the human dynamic.

My truth is my truth

The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown

I have had this TED talk intersect my life on several occasions over the past few days… I even watched it in the fall of 2012. It is a fantastic and MUST WATCH video.  Eye opening.


Michelle Bourdeau

Michelle Bourdeau

I didn’t know her, but those who did really found something special about this woman. My daughter and her mother and all their friends will miss her terribly. Michelle: I know what you did for my family in a great time of crisis a few years ago and I will never forget that. Rest In Peace.

Michelle BourdeauMichelle-Sienna.

A Reunion of Sorts…

Fun to Watch!


Here’s to a Blue Pool This Summer!

Blue Pool.

4 Aims of Life

Aims of Life

Got this from someone very close to me this morning… one of the sage souls who forewarned me of my chosen life path.  Very interesting, seems so Rear View Mirror now and ‘that whole reality’ seems like a distant concept.  I have figured that final piece out (even if intellectually initially and hopefully in spirit and in my soul) The God (spirituality) part of one’s purpose of life. The accountability part. To wit, I give you the 4 Aims of Life… without that balance you, me anyone reading this is fucked. If not now, just a matter of time.

So when if/when it comes to my future any reality won’t affect me the way some would hope it would.  I have gone through the MASSIVE metamorphosis, survived, and will thrive.

The one thing the past few years has taught me:

Everything doesn’t necessarily happen for a reason, but there is a DEFINATELY a reason for everything that happens.

Time heals all… with the right perspective.


Alice In Chains… AGAIN


Love Alice In Chains… and enjoy the new incarnation as well! 😉


My 100th Post

100th Post Journey

Well here we are.  at my 100th post.  Allot has happened since my first one in November.  It has been quite the journey on this new, healthier and toxic drama free sane path.  I heard some news the other day that I figured would happen and makes me sad for an old friend all at the same time.  When your soul gets crushed my the weight of a failed relationship EVERYONE needs time to be alone, deal, heal.  Unfortunately some of us are not strong enough to be on our own for very long, so the damage keeps piling on, one failed relationship on top of another, in the hopes you ‘get it right’ this time.

Nothing can last if you pile one sunk relationship on top of another.  Period. Just the way it is.  Solves nothing.  Old issues crop up, no period of self discovery, no ability to just go out socially, meet new people and form new realities. Find yourself. Own yourself.  This joy is what is needed and I am embracing for the foreseeable  future. Maybe forever. Unpacking the past, getting help with who you are, your faults and issues is so needed after ‘THE ONE’ ends. It takes time. Not a few months, and a new guy or gal to throw on top of things will invariably blow up in your face.

Peace. Joy. Smile. Always. Ya live, ya laugh, ya learn.  A peaceful summer, some new friends, daughter time, peace for everyone.

When you are on the verge of completely burning your life to the ground by the most well meaning yet misguided and poor life choices, you tend to count your blessings everyday as I do. It is like a rebirth, a chance to take your lumps now as opposed to getting destroyed by the inevitable down the road..