Brothers and Their Religous Beliefs

Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

Just has a massive ‘a-ha’ moment. Brothers: and spiritual grounding. Discovered recently or for years brothers finding their belief systems… systems that extend beyond themselves.  No longer their own Gods, and the sense of grounding it gives them, the accountability.  Why it works.  Why we all need that. Why I understand that is a piece to this whole rebuild.

Hit me like a ray of sunshine today.  I thought to myself and have been told by my own brother what is needed.  But you really have to find it yourself.  Being accountable to a higher power is about the BEST thing any person can do.  But finding that isn’t easy.  I ask you to think about it… THEY ‘GET’ IT!!  All I have to do is compare respective realities. We see how they are today. I could not have come this far without mine.

Ok I didn’t plan another Pearl Jam song but it came to my head that they sing the song Brother. So in true Dwight Brown fashion I present… Brother. 🙂 🙂

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